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Videomatica and Zulu Records Invite You to a Jazz Double Bill at the Pacific Cinematheque!

23 Oct


Don’t miss these rarities restored by Milestone Films.  The Connection and Ornette: Made in America screen October 27th to 30th


The Connection
USA 1961. Director: Shirley Clarke – New, Restored 35mm Print!Beat-era jazz musicians and junkies are waiting for their man in 1961’s The Connection, the legendary first feature by Shirley Clarke, a leading figure (and the leading woman) in the ’60s independent/underground movement known as New American Cinema. Clarke’s striking, gritty film is adapted from Jack Gelber’s controversial 1959 play, produced by New York’s Living Theatre, in which a writer and a producer mount a stage play about drug culture using “real addicts” in the leads (including several prominent jazz artists – the performances are the backbone of the film).Here, a hapless white director and a black cinematographer are shooting a documentary about a group of heroin addicts and hipsters gathered in a squalid Greenwich Village loft to await the arrival of their dealer. The Connection debuted at Cannes in 1961, where it was championed by Allen Ginsberg, but was banned at home, where its use of the word “shit” and a glimpse of a girlie magazine were deemed obscene. A landmark court case allowed an eventual New York release in 1962.
“Stunningly restored …One of the most vital and fascinating of all American independent films.”
IFC Center, New York

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Also playing on this bill:Ornette: Made in America

NEW 35mm PRINT! Shirley Clarke’s unorthodox portrait of the great saxophonist and free jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman aims
to capture the radical spirit of his sonic experiments.

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11 Oct