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Criterion announced their July slate and more release news

15 Apr

Howdy Van city,

Criterion announced another fine and eclectic batch of titles, including one very in demand out of print title. It all starts off JULY 9th with a DVD and Blu-Ray of Kenji Mizoguchi’s LIFE OF OHARU. The following week on JULY 16th comes a new 4K transfer on DVD and Blu-Ray of Peter Brook’s LORD OF THE FLIES. Then on JULY 23rd comes your very anticipated BABETTE’S FEAST on DVD and Blu-Ray. That same day comes the Blu-Ray of Ang Lee’s THE ICE STORM. Topping the month off, on JULY 30th with a cool new Mike Mignola cover comes Guillermo del Toro’s Spanish Civil War horror flick THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE on DVD and Blu-Ray. Scroll down for artwork.

On the Shout Factory front, they have announced a Blu-Ray release for the Dolph Lundgen alien vs cop on the edge actioneer DARK ANGEL aka I Come In Peace. Release for that is sometime in August. We will let you all know when we have street date.

All are pre-orderable now. Give us a call 604-734-5752, or come on down to the store.

As promised here’s some art from Criterion and Shout Factory, including THE PRODUCERS (Street July 2nd) and THE FOG (July 30th).

Heads up! Late arrivals have arrived.

11 Apr

Before we get to any news today, we just wanted to let you know about the late movies that just arrived and are now on our shelves. Here they are, in picture form. Check the New This Week link up top for prices.

Be back in a few with some exciting release news.

Happy Tuesday with news from Kino Classics and more.

9 Apr

Hey Vancouver,

It’s New Release Tuesday and the morning rush of collectors buying their awaited Criterion titles has subsided for the moment. So let’s talk about some future releases.

Kino Lorber is releasing a couple of early Bette Davis films, HELL’S HOUSE, and OF HUMAN BONDAGE, both on DVD & Blu-Ray. Street is June 18th.

A few weeks earlier Kino is releasing the first Alan Clarke film to make it’s way on Blu-Ray. We’re talking about SCUM coming out on both DVD & Blu-Ray. Street is June 4th.

You guys seem to have dug Shout Factory’s recent Action-Packed Movie Marathon. They’re following it up with SCI-FI MOVIE MARATHON. It includes, AMERICA 3000, ARENA, THE ELIMINATORS, and THE TIME GUARDIANS. The VHS art for The Eliminators always entranced me when visiting the video store as a kid, but I never got around to watching it. Thanks Shout, now I will. This release is DVD only and it streets JULY 9th.

New genre label Vinegar Syndrome has announced a few long lost or forgotten sleaze titles. First is a DVD/Blu-Ray combo of New York underground film THE TELEPHONE BOOK. It’s about a lady named Alice, a sex-obsessed hippie who falls in love with the world’s greatest obscene phone caller and her quest to find him. Same day comes a double of THE DUNGEON OF HARROW/DEATH BY INVITATION on DVD. Both street MAY 7th.

The next month Vinegar Syndrome follows up with two more release. First is punk vs redneck classic PUNK VACATION in a nice DVD/Blu-Ray Combo pack. Same day the 1974 documentary A LABOR OF LOVE, about the heart felt and earnest attempt to create an X rated movie. This one’s DVD only and they both street JUNE 11th.

Before we go, here’s some cover art to most of the titles above, and new artwork for COHEN AND TATE (Street JULY 9th), JACKIE CHAN: BATTLE CREEK BRAWL/CITY HUNTER Double Bill (Street JULY 16th) and George A. Romero’s KNIGHTRIDERS (Street JULY 30th). That’s it for now. Talk to you soon.

Shout will make you Scream

5 Apr

Welcome back Vancouver. Anybody going to the movies this weekend, instead of having the movies come to you?

At the Cinematheque this weekend, they’re playing the Alamo Drafthouse discovery MIAMI CONNECTION. A violent movie with a pacifist message about a tae kwon do club/new wave band targeted by drug smuggling ninjas. It’s been a popular seller here, just sold out of the blu-ray (still available for special order), DVD still in stock. Check it out at the Cinematheque, or get your copy from us. Either way you will learn the true meaning of Friends Forever.

It’s double billed with another of our best sellers, Lee Van Cleef and John Philip Law team up in DEATH RIDES A HORSE. We have the DVD here with even more Spaghetti Westerns on our counter.

Speaking of Repertory Theatres, the Rio Theatre is playing a new documentary THE REP focusing on The Toronto Underground, a success in the dying world of repertory cinema. Check it out Sunday, Apr. 7th, and Tuesday, Apr. 9th, both shows at 7pm.

The Rep – Trailer #1 – What is a Rep? from Morgan White on Vimeo.

On home video news, Shout Factory and their sub label Scream Factory has announced another fine assortment of favs for July.  Mel Brooks’ THE PRODUCERS is coming to Blu-Ray JULY 2nd. We’ll get back to you with specs and artwork.

The John Landis, Zucker Bros. collaboration THE KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE is also out on Blu-Ray JULY 2nd.

JULY 2nd has Roy Scheider and Adam Baldwin as mismatched hitman in charge of a kidnapped boy, in the underrated COHEN AND TATE. This is a Blu-Ray release folks.

JULY 16th brings Ralph Bashki’s HEAVY TRAFFIC on Blu-Ray. On the same day Shout Factory continues releasing Jackie Chan classics on DVD and Blu-Ray. This time is a double bill of BATTLE CREEK BRAWL/HUNTER.

On JULY 23rd come John Carpenter’s THE FOG on Blu-Ray.

And on JULY 30th we have THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN, and George A. Romero’s motorcycle jousting flick THE KNIGHTRIDERS. Both making their debut on Blu-Ray.

Shout Factory have fast become the best non-Criterion DVD/BLU-Ray label out there. Great transfers, extras and packaging, and this slate of releases further proves it.

We were talking about the Alamo Drafthouse earlier. JULY 23rd Drafthouse Releasing brings us two Asian thrillers. From the Phillipines comes a kidanpping gone wrong in GRACELAND. From South Korea we have PIETA, about a loan shark is forced to reconsider his violent lifestyle after the arrival of a mysterious woman claiming to be his long-lost mother. Both will be on DVD and Blu-Ray.

That’s it for now. Remember we’re a brick and mortar shop here in Vancouver. Stop on by. Or give us a call and pre-order. For now here’s some more cover art of upcoming releases.

RIP Roger and other news

4 Apr


Today starts with a bit of bad news. Screenwriter of Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls, and one of the first publicly recognized and popular film critic Roger Ebert passed away at 70 after a long battle with cancer. We here will always appreciate his gospel of approaching a film as not what it is, but how the film is. Here’s Gregory Ellwood at Hitfix with the story and a bio.

After that bit of tragic news, how about some Zombies.

E1 will releasing new Zombie Rom-Com WARM BODIES on DVD and Blu-Ray JUNE 4th. We can be sad about the defanging Zombies have gotten over the last ten years, but word has been surprisingly good for this sweet-hearted tale of undead love .

Drive director Nicolas WInding Refn oversaw the English language adaption of his Danish series of films THE PUSHER TRILOGY. Seville will be releasing the new PUSHER on DVD and DVD/Blu-Ray combo on JUNE 25th.

The new G.I. Joe has barely been out, but Paramount has announced G.I. JOE: RETALIATION on DVD, DVD/BLU-RAY COMBO, and 3D Blu-Ray. It’ll hit shelves JULY30th. Not quite sure we’ll be stocking that one, though we hear it’s goofy fun.

New home video label Cohen Film Collection has been impressing our customers with recent releases of Bunuel’s Tristana, and Faribank’s Thief Of Bagdad. On JUNE 4th they bring Gloria Swanson and Laurence Olivier in 1933’s PERFECT UNDERSTANDING on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Warner is releasing their first wave of Gangster classics on Blu-Ray. THE PUBLIC ENEMY, PETRIFIED FOREST, LITTLE CAESAR, and WHITE HEAT all come MAY 21st. All those titles will be collected in the ULTIMATE GANSTERS COLLECTION: CLASSICS blu-ray set coming the same day. The set will include the documentary PUBLIC ENEMIES: THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE GANGSTER DRAMA.

Synapse will be releasing splatter gore comedy STREET TRASH: SPECIAL MELTDOWN EDITION on blu-ray JUNE 11th.

From Severin, another fine purveyor of cult favs, will be releasing on JUNE 11th, HOUSE OF SEVEN CORPSES, and HOUSE ON STRAW HILL. Both come on a DVD/Blu-Ray Combo pack.

BBC is looking out for the Sci-FI nerds out there. Some classic Who releases include DOCTOR WHO: EP. 56: MIND OF EVIL, DOCTOR WHO: INFERNO: SPECIAL EDITION and DOCTOR WHO: DOCTORS REVISITED 1-4 all on DVD JUNE 11TH. MISFITS: SEASON 3 also comes out on DVD same day.

Adult Swim fans can look forward to SUPERJAIL!: SEASON 3 comes to DVD on JULY 23rd.

We’re still catching on all the great release news. Remember you can always pre-order these titles from us. Come on down to the store 1972 West 4th AVe inside of ZULU RECORDS, or give us a call 604-734-5752.

For now here’s more cover art.

It’s no April’s Fool. DVD and Blu-Rays news

2 Apr

Howdy Vancouver,

Starting a new feature updating you on future home video news. Let’s get started.

Universal seems committed to releasing our favourites on home video. Which a cheaper DVD re-release of the MARX BROTHERS: SILVER SCREEN COLLECTION coming MAY 14th. It will include all the films in the previous release, The Cocoanuts, Animal Crackers, Monkey Business, Horse Feathers, and Duck Soup. W.C. Fields films from the Universal catalogue are also being re-released on DVD JUNE 4th in the W.C. FIELDS COMEDY FAVORITES COLLECTION. Package will include International House, Man on the Flying Trapeze, My Little Chickadee, It’s a Gift, Poppy, The Bank Dick, You’re Telling Me!, You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man, Never Give a Sucker an Even Break and The Old Fashioned Way.

If you skipped on the Alfred Hitchcock Universal blu-ray set, or the Universal Horror blu-ray set, and opted to wait for single title releases. Your time has come. The first of the classic monsters to come out on JUNE 4th are Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Invisible Man, The Mummy (1932) and Phantom of the Opera (1943).  Creature will include both 2D and 3D as in the box set.

On the Hitchcock front. MAY 7th sees the first two of his Universal films to hit Blu-Ray starting with SABOTEUR and ROPE.  SHADOW OF A DOUBT follows on JUNE 4th, and then THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY coming JULY 2nd. This is only the first wave. More will come.

Not quite done with Hitch. Universal has set a Blu-Ray release of the ALFRED HITCHCOCK: THE ESSENTIALS COLLECTION that was previously released on DVD. Set includes Rear Window, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho and The Birds. Y’know, the essentials.

If you didn’t know Warner Bros has bought the license to distribute the majority of Paramount home video catalogue. SO expect to see a lot of titles that have been out of print to come back to our shelves, or be available to order. Like the ZODIAC: THE DIRECTOR”S CUT, or other oft requested titles like Paul Newman’s NOBODY’S FOOL.

I bring this up because Warner Bros, will be releasing Paramount’s classic films SHANE and THE ODD COUPLE  on Blu-Ray. Both come JUNE 4th

On the TV front BREAKING BAD: SEASON 5 is coming JUNE 4th and both DVD and Blu-Ray.

If you thought the new Kevin Spacey series HOUSE OF CARDS was going to be a Netflix exclusive forever, that’s not the case. A DVD and Blu-Ray set will be released JUNE 11th.

Also in TV releases PORTLANDIA: SEASON 3 comes out JULY 2nd on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Here’s some cover art.