RIP Roger and other news

4 Apr


Today starts with a bit of bad news. Screenwriter of Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls, and one of the first publicly recognized and popular film critic Roger Ebert passed away at 70 after a long battle with cancer. We here will always appreciate his gospel of approaching a film as not what it is, but how the film is. Here’s Gregory Ellwood at Hitfix with the story and a bio.

After that bit of tragic news, how about some Zombies.

E1 will releasing new Zombie Rom-Com WARM BODIES on DVD and Blu-Ray JUNE 4th. We can be sad about the defanging Zombies have gotten over the last ten years, but word has been surprisingly good for this sweet-hearted tale of undead love .

Drive director Nicolas WInding Refn oversaw the English language adaption of his Danish series of films THE PUSHER TRILOGY. Seville will be releasing the new PUSHER on DVD and DVD/Blu-Ray combo on JUNE 25th.

The new G.I. Joe has barely been out, but Paramount has announced G.I. JOE: RETALIATION on DVD, DVD/BLU-RAY COMBO, and 3D Blu-Ray. It’ll hit shelves JULY30th. Not quite sure we’ll be stocking that one, though we hear it’s goofy fun.

New home video label Cohen Film Collection has been impressing our customers with recent releases of Bunuel’s Tristana, and Faribank’s Thief Of Bagdad. On JUNE 4th they bring Gloria Swanson and Laurence Olivier in 1933’s PERFECT UNDERSTANDING on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Warner is releasing their first wave of Gangster classics on Blu-Ray. THE PUBLIC ENEMY, PETRIFIED FOREST, LITTLE CAESAR, and WHITE HEAT all come MAY 21st. All those titles will be collected in the ULTIMATE GANSTERS COLLECTION: CLASSICS blu-ray set coming the same day. The set will include the documentary PUBLIC ENEMIES: THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE GANGSTER DRAMA.

Synapse will be releasing splatter gore comedy STREET TRASH: SPECIAL MELTDOWN EDITION on blu-ray JUNE 11th.

From Severin, another fine purveyor of cult favs, will be releasing on JUNE 11th, HOUSE OF SEVEN CORPSES, and HOUSE ON STRAW HILL. Both come on a DVD/Blu-Ray Combo pack.

BBC is looking out for the Sci-FI nerds out there. Some classic Who releases include DOCTOR WHO: EP. 56: MIND OF EVIL, DOCTOR WHO: INFERNO: SPECIAL EDITION and DOCTOR WHO: DOCTORS REVISITED 1-4 all on DVD JUNE 11TH. MISFITS: SEASON 3 also comes out on DVD same day.

Adult Swim fans can look forward to SUPERJAIL!: SEASON 3 comes to DVD on JULY 23rd.

We’re still catching on all the great release news. Remember you can always pre-order these titles from us. Come on down to the store 1972 West 4th AVe inside of ZULU RECORDS, or give us a call 604-734-5752.

For now here’s more cover art.


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