Shout will make you Scream

5 Apr

Welcome back Vancouver. Anybody going to the movies this weekend, instead of having the movies come to you?

At the Cinematheque this weekend, they’re playing the Alamo Drafthouse discovery MIAMI CONNECTION. A violent movie with a pacifist message about a tae kwon do club/new wave band targeted by drug smuggling ninjas. It’s been a popular seller here, just sold out of the blu-ray (still available for special order), DVD still in stock. Check it out at the Cinematheque, or get your copy from us. Either way you will learn the true meaning of Friends Forever.

It’s double billed with another of our best sellers, Lee Van Cleef and John Philip Law team up in DEATH RIDES A HORSE. We have the DVD here with even more Spaghetti Westerns on our counter.

Speaking of Repertory Theatres, the Rio Theatre is playing a new documentary THE REP focusing on The Toronto Underground, a success in the dying world of repertory cinema. Check it out Sunday, Apr. 7th, and Tuesday, Apr. 9th, both shows at 7pm.

The Rep – Trailer #1 – What is a Rep? from Morgan White on Vimeo.

On home video news, Shout Factory and their sub label Scream Factory has announced another fine assortment of favs for July.  Mel Brooks’ THE PRODUCERS is coming to Blu-Ray JULY 2nd. We’ll get back to you with specs and artwork.

The John Landis, Zucker Bros. collaboration THE KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE is also out on Blu-Ray JULY 2nd.

JULY 2nd has Roy Scheider and Adam Baldwin as mismatched hitman in charge of a kidnapped boy, in the underrated COHEN AND TATE. This is a Blu-Ray release folks.

JULY 16th brings Ralph Bashki’s HEAVY TRAFFIC on Blu-Ray. On the same day Shout Factory continues releasing Jackie Chan classics on DVD and Blu-Ray. This time is a double bill of BATTLE CREEK BRAWL/HUNTER.

On JULY 23rd come John Carpenter’s THE FOG on Blu-Ray.

And on JULY 30th we have THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN, and George A. Romero’s motorcycle jousting flick THE KNIGHTRIDERS. Both making their debut on Blu-Ray.

Shout Factory have fast become the best non-Criterion DVD/BLU-Ray label out there. Great transfers, extras and packaging, and this slate of releases further proves it.

We were talking about the Alamo Drafthouse earlier. JULY 23rd Drafthouse Releasing brings us two Asian thrillers. From the Phillipines comes a kidanpping gone wrong in GRACELAND. From South Korea we have PIETA, about a loan shark is forced to reconsider his violent lifestyle after the arrival of a mysterious woman claiming to be his long-lost mother. Both will be on DVD and Blu-Ray.

That’s it for now. Remember we’re a brick and mortar shop here in Vancouver. Stop on by. Or give us a call and pre-order. For now here’s some more cover art of upcoming releases.


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