Happy Tuesday with news from Kino Classics and more.

9 Apr

Hey Vancouver,

It’s New Release Tuesday and the morning rush of collectors buying their awaited Criterion titles has subsided for the moment. So let’s talk about some future releases.

Kino Lorber is releasing a couple of early Bette Davis films, HELL’S HOUSE, and OF HUMAN BONDAGE, both on DVD & Blu-Ray. Street is June 18th.

A few weeks earlier Kino is releasing the first Alan Clarke film to make it’s way on Blu-Ray. We’re talking about SCUM coming out on both DVD & Blu-Ray. Street is June 4th.

You guys seem to have dug Shout Factory’s recent Action-Packed Movie Marathon. They’re following it up with SCI-FI MOVIE MARATHON. It includes, AMERICA 3000, ARENA, THE ELIMINATORS, and THE TIME GUARDIANS. The VHS art for The Eliminators always entranced me when visiting the video store as a kid, but I never got around to watching it. Thanks Shout, now I will. This release is DVD only and it streets JULY 9th.

New genre label Vinegar Syndrome has announced a few long lost or forgotten sleaze titles. First is a DVD/Blu-Ray combo of New York underground film THE TELEPHONE BOOK. It’s about a lady named Alice, a sex-obsessed hippie who falls in love with the world’s greatest obscene phone caller and her quest to find him. Same day comes a double of THE DUNGEON OF HARROW/DEATH BY INVITATION on DVD. Both street MAY 7th.

The next month Vinegar Syndrome follows up with two more release. First is punk vs redneck classic PUNK VACATION in a nice DVD/Blu-Ray Combo pack. Same day the 1974 documentary A LABOR OF LOVE, about the heart felt and earnest attempt to create an X rated movie. This one’s DVD only and they both street JUNE 11th.

Before we go, here’s some cover art to most of the titles above, and new artwork for COHEN AND TATE (Street JULY 9th), JACKIE CHAN: BATTLE CREEK BRAWL/CITY HUNTER Double Bill (Street JULY 16th) and George A. Romero’s KNIGHTRIDERS (Street JULY 30th). That’s it for now. Talk to you soon.


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