Criterion announced their July slate and more release news

15 Apr

Howdy Van city,

Criterion announced another fine and eclectic batch of titles, including one very in demand out of print title. It all starts off JULY 9th with a DVD and Blu-Ray of Kenji Mizoguchi’s LIFE OF OHARU. The following week on JULY 16th comes a new 4K transfer on DVD and Blu-Ray of Peter Brook’s LORD OF THE FLIES. Then on JULY 23rd comes your very anticipated BABETTE’S FEAST on DVD and Blu-Ray. That same day comes the Blu-Ray of Ang Lee’s THE ICE STORM. Topping the month off, on JULY 30th with a cool new Mike Mignola cover comes Guillermo del Toro’s Spanish Civil War horror flick THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE on DVD and Blu-Ray. Scroll down for artwork.

On the Shout Factory front, they have announced a Blu-Ray release for the Dolph Lundgen alien vs cop on the edge actioneer DARK ANGEL aka I Come In Peace. Release for that is sometime in August. We will let you all know when we have street date.

All are pre-orderable now. Give us a call 604-734-5752, or come on down to the store.

As promised here’s some art from Criterion and Shout Factory, including THE PRODUCERS (Street July 2nd) and THE FOG (July 30th).


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