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A Band Called DEATH comes to Videomatica…Zulu Records to be precise.

29 Oct

This Friday, Nov. 1 7pm DEATH comes to our landlord Zulu Records! Have you seen the documentary A BAND CALLED DEATH? If you haven’t come on down, we have plenty IN STOCK. After seeing the documentary, you could have a point of conversation with DEATH.

Support Your Local Video Store!

17 Oct

Another year since the Internet destroyed the Video Store and we’re still here, along with several other Video Stores still going strong. Check out those links to your right. Show your support this weekend by visiting/shopping at your favourite Video shop. Of course we’ll be having a sale and watching goofy trailers and episodes of Support Your Local Video Store which was shot during the final days of our old Videomatica location. Come one down to our new location! Tell your friends we have a new location! Hope to see you.oct1913saleSadly there will be no T-shirts on sale.

And why not an episode of Support Your Local Video Store to lather your desire for hard copy video love.

Watch out for October 19th

7 Oct



Independent Video Store is coming. Should let you know we’ll have a limited stock of INDEPENDENT VIDEO STORE DAY T-Shirts going for $18.99. Have a peek and come on down to celebrate for all Video Stores everywhere.